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Bjobj proposes a cosmetic line for the body and hair care with Olive Oil, one of the most precious vegetal oils, rich in nourishing substances and particularly seemly to our skin.Its special composition rich in fat acids (oleic, linoleic and palmitic) makes it particularly suitable for the care and beauty of the skin.
It’s one of the most moisturizing, stretching and nourishing substances existing in nature. Besides it has particular reinforcing and polishing properties also for nails and hair.

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The Olive Oil contained in this line comes from organic farming and it is sagely mixed with functional extracts, other oils and butters to create highly efficient cosmetic products for body care, rich in natural ingredients and suitable to skin and hair.
All Olive Oil bjobj line products are certified ECO BIO COSMETICS, approved and certified according to LAV specification (Anti-Vivisection League), DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and NICKEL TESTED.

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