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Indemne offers the solution to skin problems with its combination of rich plant oils. Well-being and pampering care for atopic, irritated, sensitive, impure or capricious skin.

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With decades of experience in essential oils and aromatherapy, indemne assures that simplest and most natural ingredients are the best. Therefore indemne uses only blends comprised of pure essential oils in combination with effective complex ingredients. Plant oils promote well-being and soothe the skin for a healthier, more beautiful appearance. 

indemne products are: 

  • not tested on animals 
  • without ethanol & parabens 
  • free from petrochemical substances 
  • made from excellent & precious natural ingredients 
  • without zinc pyrithione
  • dermatologically tested by independent labs 
  • use minimum of packaging with a maximum of recyclable materials to preserve our environment.

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“Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.”

Albert Einstein