2015: Sarah & Courtney Start Blogging!

Bringing our Ecco-verse to yours

Good Morning All You Ecco Babes & Boys, Ladies & Gentlemen!

For a while now we’ve been brainstorming ways to better connect with our customers. Your kind emails make our days here at Customer Service, and reading your product reviews and facebook comments is one of the best aspects of our jobs. Courtney & I (Sarah) also manage the International Facebook Page and really enjoy hearing your feedback, especially your Christmas contest entries. After a lot of thought, we wanted to open this blogging platform to share a little more of our worlds, our product experiences, and our passion for natural, eco-responsible, cruelty-free products.

Before I started working with Ecco Verde, my experience with natural products was pretty limited to things my friends and I cooked up ourselves while working as wilderness guides. As a college student in America, I had to travel quite far to find quality natural products, and they were usually quite pricey. In the six years since then, the world of natural, sustainable makeup, hair and skin care products has blossomed into a market that is bigger and more available than ever and is visible on a scale like I’ve never seen it before. It is extremely exciting :)

Since starting at Ecco Verde about a year ago, Courtney & I are happy to share that we no longer have space in our bathrooms. My shelves, drawers and bookcase are overflowing tastefully displaying products for which I couldn’t quite hold back my curiosity or enthusiasm. Although we try to keep our facebook pages and website up to date with our own reviews, we would like to use this blog as a place to expand our rants and raves.

This blog is a space where we will share our favorite products, tips for using them, and the things that inspire us. We’d love to hear the same from you! Please feel free to leave us comments & suggestions, or let us know what you’re excited about or inspired by. Can’t wait to hear from you,

Yours in peace, love, and green!

<3 Sarah & Courtney <3 

*from our dream desk to yours*