Visiting Everyday Minerals!

Visiting Everyday Minerals!

Visiting Everyday Minerals!

This year I visited Everyday Minerals, one of our favorite manufacturers of mineral makeup. Everyday Minerals is a family-run business based out of Austin, Texas, and they were kind enough to invite me to visit their headquarters! Austin is famous for its art and music festivals, good food, nascar races and creativity! It is the perfect location to inspire natural makeup :)

Family Picture at the Factory! My trip to visit the folks at Everyday Minerals was so much fun! Nicole, Colby and Arnold McGeehee, my hosts, answered all of my questions patiently and kindly. On the left, you'll see a cute family picture of the McGeehees before we entered the factory.

The factory on location was very impressive. Here the makeup is very carefully tested for quality, color trueness, and shelf life. Everyday Minerals has a team of experts whose careful work ensures that their products stay true to their colors, high quality materials, and precedent. Although the products are natural, there is still a lot chemistry involved in ensuring the quality of the products. Very detailed work goes into each one.

In the warehouse in Austin I was able to see what a full line of makeup looks like, and it was incredible!! The packaging is simple and high quality, and the raw materials are beautiful on their own. I saw both the pre-production materials and the finished products- amazing!

Arnold explained how the minerals and natural oils are combined and tested for each product- a lot of work goes into finding, testing and combing the materials!

One of my favorite parts of my trip was seeing all the finished materials lined up. There are rows of foundation, brushes, blushes, eyeshadows and bronzers. It was like being in wonderland :)  When it comes to inspiration and dedication, the folks at Everyday Minerals are on top of their game! They are truly passionate about providing mineral makeup that is affordable, top quality, and pretty.

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