Autumn/Winter 2016 Make-Up Trends

Autumn/Winter 2016 Make-Up Trends

This season's trend is a darker more dewy look: 

The lips are once again the centre of attention, but this time around we are focusing more on darker, gloomier hues ranging from shimmery red and black currants to matte blacks. The classic red lip is also an eye-catcher this season. But remember to tone down the eyes if you're going for more dramatic lips. 

Gothic Glam: 
It is imperative that your skin looks absolutely flawless when opting for this look - an even complexion is an absolute must! Use a lighter powder to even out the complexion and darker contouring shades for a more balanced appearance. Also, do not overdo the mascara application. If you have dark hair we recommend you test the look first. 

Twiggy Lashes: 
Lashes that are clumped together exude a dreamy look. However, this look can easily go downhill if you don't master the technique. 

Natural Look: 
The natural look is all about dewy skin and just-got-out-of-bed look! Glossy lips and shimmery cheeks are now an acceptable daytime look. Apply blush and eye shadow using a brush to the cheeks, chin and temples. A more glossy look is achieved by using creamy and oil-based products. 

Sparkle is in-vogue and goes well with the dewy skin look. Be sure to start by applying the sparkly eye shadow to the lids and follow with foundation. This way, any fallout can be cleaned away without disturbing your base product. 

Black eyeliner and the modern version of the smokey eye is very trendy at the moment. "Smudgy eyes" are turning heads: simply apply the eyeliner just below the waterline and smudge the product a bit to make it appear less perfect. Narrow-shaped eyes can get away with a more smudged look whereas a more tighter eyeliner application should be used on rounder eyes.