Beautiful Feet for Summer

Beautiful Feet for Summer

Proper foot care is often neglected; especially during winter, when the feet are always covered in thick socks and boots. As temperatures increase, we often turn to lighter footwear. When flip-flops and sandals are calling your name, callused skin and ungroomed nails make their sneaky appearance. Now, would be a good time to get your feet in gear for the summertime. 

When you're ready to show off your summer shoes, it's time to pay attention to getting your feet looking presentable again, after hiding out during winter. How to best go about this is explained below. After a long winter, a nail file and a bit of cream will just not suffice.

  • The wellness aspect should take priority, beginning with a foot bath. Add nourishing oils (such as olive oil) and flower extracts to lukewarm water. Soak the feet for a good 20 minutes.

  • Callused skin arises when too much pressure is placed on the feet. The best way to remove callused skin is by using a pumice stone. But be cautious: It is not often noticed how much skin was removed when treating soft skin.

  • When the callused skin has been removed, it is time to exfoliate flaky skin. Alternatively, you can use salt which has the same exfoliating effect. 

  • Finish off by prepping the nails. With a pair of nail scissors and a nail file, shape your nails back into form. Remove excess cuticles or gently push back the cuticles using a wooden stick. 

  • Depending on personal taste, you can then apply your favourite nail varnish. Finish off with a top coat (clear) for long-lasting wear. 

  • Once the nail varnish has dried, apply cream to your feet.

    Slip into your favourite sandals and you're ready to go