Beauty Trends 2016

Beauty Trends 2016

Today natural cosmetics and make-up brands are on par with their conventional counterparts. Not only are they able to offer the same range of products but these products are free from harmful ingredients. Let's have a look at what is hip and happening on the beauty scene for 2016.

Not all trends are able to be transferred into day to day life of the normal woman on the street since some are quite elaborate. However, Berlin, New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks have given us a few pointers that can be incorporated into a trendy and modern make-up look. 


The application of eyeliner has become more creative this year. A white or nude eyeliner open the eyes. The cut-out eyeliner look has also made its mark and is quite easy to recreate: simply apply the eyeliner starting at the inner waterline and continue the line below the waterline, for a graphic statement. The black-rimmed eye is also making a comeback for Spring/Summer 2016.

Blue eye shadow is one of the biggest trendsetters this season. When applied correctly it can give the look a fresh and summery effect.

Create a mystical make-up look using the two-tone eye shadow application. Green and blue are the most favoured shades for this look. Sparkles of loose glitter and gemstones applied across the eyes were also presented on the catwalks by some well-known designers.


2016 calls for full, natural looking eyebrows. Assist the look by filling in any areas you think may require a bit of help. 


Let your lips do all the talking from vibrant shades of red all the way to an array of berry tones.

The transparent lip gloss look was also seen on the catwalk.


Blonde and red shades, as well as platinum blonde and cool silvers, adorned with head accessories (elegant and simple leather hair bands, brooches and scraps of fabric), caught our eyes. When it comes to hair styles, two main beauty trends were noticeable: long, swaying fringes almost intertwined with the eyebrows or parted into two. On the other side of the spectrum, one noticed long haired models wearing a sleek and wet look with minimal fuss. 

Nail Polish

It's all about the tips this season: vibrant red lines, silver outlines with a space left at the center and a modern twist on the fresh manicure have left their statement.