Biolu Cosmetics - New Product Line

Biolu Cosmetics - New Product Line

All Biolu products have been completely renewed, both in composition and design.

New kinds of active ingredients were discovered. What's new is the inclusion of olivaeris, a unique phyto complex enriched with polyphenols obtained from organic olive leaves. These stem from the olea europaea species that are native to Tuscany and are known for their richness, active ingredient quality and high polyphenol content. Biolu's new extraction method, that is supported by the latest scientific studies, makes using the entire wealth of benefits that this active ingredient has to offer. 

The term polyphenols is given to a number of heterogeneous molecules found in high concentrations in fruits such as blueberries, blackcurrant and grapes as well as plants such as the olive tree. They are best-known for their positive effects on an organism.

Polyphenols are beneficial for the body because they possess antioxidant properties. These molecules fight free radicals and thus help counteract the aging process of cells. Additionally, they have anti-inflammatory effects and stimulate the immune system. When it comes to cosmetics, polyphenols have several positive characteristics: 

  • slow down the formation of free radicals that are responsible for skin aging 
  • protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays 
  • counteract the formation of wrinkles
  • anti-aging effect 
  • counteracts the decomposition of hyaluronic acid
  • care for and protect the hair

Even though olive oil is beneficial when it comes to being a staple element in Mediterranean nutrition, the polyphenol content is very low due to 99% of the active polyphenols being lost during oil production. The olive tree is known for its richness in polyphenols that offer many advantages. Analytical studies have found that the concentration of polyphenols found in fresh olive leaves well exceed the concentration found in olive oil. 

Thus, Biolu selected these olive leaves as their source of polyphenols. The best quality and highest concentration are obtained when the fresh leaves are collected once the olives are optimally ripe. During the extraction process, a blend of hot water and glycerin is used. This method ensures that higher efficiency is achieved. This extraction process guarantees safe and improved skin tolerability of the end product. 

Biolu's range of products are AIAB certified, vegan and have been tested for nickel. The product line is composed of 12 cosmetic products from body and hair care to skincare for babies. Each product is enriched with specific, organic plant extracts that are matched to the effect of the particular product. A blend of essential oils lend the products their unique scent.