Cosmetics & Pregnancy

Thursday, 30. August 2018

Cosmetics & Pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormones are in overload which affects the skin in several ways. Imperfections arise, darker spots may become more pronounced, and acne and impurities make their way to the surface where before there were none. Therefore, it only natural for pregnant women to pay closer attention to their skincare routine and products to use. But, which cosmetics are actually suitable?

Beyond the fundamental rules of following a healthy diet and lifestyle while expecting, the question about what kind of skincare products are safe to use during pregnancy remains unclear. The media is filled with studies stating that certain products may contain harmful substances. The uncertainty and concerns that emerge from all this confusion are not unfounded. Many cosmetic products actually do contain potentially harmful substances that may affect your unborn child. Therefore, it is vital to know how to recognise the red flags in order to opt for a safer alternative.

Watch out for greenwashing!

It's not uncommon to come across a cosmetics brand that promotes misleading advertisements, especially using the terms "natural" or "organic" on shampoos, creams, make-up and the like. Many substances found in conventional cosmetics have been proven to be problematic - such as being potentially carcinogenic. However, companies that produce conventional cosmetics are allowed to contain such substances in certain specified quantities by law.

Therefore, it is vital that one looks beyond the advertisement and pretty packaging even if the product is marketed as being natural or organic.

Tips for making the right choice

Firstly, do not believe everything you see or hear. Conventional cosmetic brands will emphasize the few "natural" substances that are found in their products. A reference point to go by is the presence of natural cosmetic labels or certifications. This means that the products undergo tests carried out by independent laboratories to ensure the safety of the ingredients used ensuring that the products do not contain chemical ingredients. Certified natural cosmetics thus do not contain:

  • chemical preservatives
  • artificial dyes
  • chemical UV filters
  • PEG and PEG derivatives
  • paraffin and other petroleum-based fats

When buying beauty products during pregnancy, try to buy ONLY genuine natural and organic cosmetics, certified by official and recognized labels. You can be sure they do not contain problematic ingredients for you or your unborn child.

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