Introducing Biolindo

Introducing Biolindo


Visit our new website Biolindo ( and discover an array of green, environmentally sustainable and environmentally friendly household cleaning products and laundry detergents! These featured products are mild, protecting both the skin and the environment!

Choosing household cleaning products and laundry detergents that are environmentally friendly is an important step toward an ecosystem that is free from toxic substances and pollutants, which are both harmful to our health and the environment. These products are beneficial in that they minimise environmental impact and are light on the wallet. When placing more importance on high-quality organic products such as these, the health and well- being of your loved ones will significantly improve in the long run.

A large number of chemicals can be found in conventional laundry detergents, whether these detergents are suitable for machine or hand wash. These chemicals contain additives that are harmful to both aquatic life and their environment, due to the fact that the water containing these toxic ingredients ends up in our oceans, lakes and rivers. All kinds of chemical-laden substances are absorbed by our clothing and, in turn, by our skin. The skin absorbs these substances through our glands when sweating from the clothing that has been freshly washed using conventional detergents.

Additional harmful ingredients present in these detergents are referred to as optical brighteners. Optical brighteners are substances, which are deposited in the fibres, aiming to visually brighten them. These optical brighteners are detrimental to the skin because the skin is unable to breathe without absorbing them.

Another important element to be aware of is the fact that conventional detergents are often loaded with scents to cover the unpleasant odour of surfactants, i.e. cleaning substances derived from petroleum. The scents used can often cause allergic skin reactions in babies, children and adults with sensitive skin. Natural detergents use valuable fragrances that are derived from essential oils. These essential oils, in turn, are derived from plants, fruits or flowers. Eliminating these harmful substances from our household is not only beneficial to our health and the health of our families, but also safe for the environment! 

Remember, we can all contribute to environmental sustainability by adopting a few simple tricks that save on energy and take the strain off your wallet:

  • When purchasing appliances, choose energy efficient models. Energy efficient appliances (class A or A+) are a bit pricier than their energy-laden counterparts but last longer, due to consuming less energy Lower the temperatures of the water used in your washing machine where possible and avoid using the spinning mode on full power. This is less damaging on the fibres and contributes to lower energy consumption. High-energy efficiency, low water temperatures and the right amount of detergent can help reduce the carbon footprint by 50%.
  • Select the “medium cycle” button or only use the washing machine once the basket is fully loaded, to properly measure the water required.
  • Cleaning the filters regularly ensures longer washing machine usage, keeping it clean and sanitary.
  • Aim to do the laundry during the time of the day or night when energy consumption is at its lowest.
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs and switch off the lights when you are not in the room.
  • Before ironing, slightly dampen the garment for hassle-free ironing. This also shortens the time required to complete the task of ironing a garment.
  • Place lids on pots during cooking to decrease the about of time needed.
  • Switch off all appliances when they are not actively being used.

If we all make a contribution to environmental sustainability, no matter how small it may be, we will reap the benefits - Say YES to GREEN living!