New In: Ricaricando

New In: Ricaricando

Ricaricando: Say hello to cosmetics infused with extra virgin olive oil that offers rich, nourishing skincare and gentle cleansing action. 

The new product line by Ricaricando captivates with innovative elements and improvements when it comes to enriching organic plant extracts. New products have been developed that complement the brand, marking the addition of extra virgin olive oil. 

Extra virgin olive oil has several beneficial effects and accounts for one of the plant oils that are best incorporated into natural cosmetics, due to its sebum-like similarities. It is rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and natural anti-aging properties that support the skin. Olive oil plays a role in fighting free radicals, inflammation and oxidative stress. It holds all the valuable effects required that are attributed to cosmetics plant oils: 

  • moisture: oil prevents water from evaporating on the stratum corneum. 
  • protection: it protects the skin from external influences and supports the physiological skin barrier. 
  • softener: plant oils improve the suppleness of the skin in a natural way. 

Olive oil varies from other plant oils in that is has 

  • restructuring properties: olive oil activates the skin's metabolism and promotes the regeneration process of collagen and intracellular "cement".
  • protecting and anti-aging properties: olive oils fight the aging process of cells that is caused by free radicals and the effects of sunlight. 

Ricaricando's new product line consists of cleansing products that are particularly mild on the skin, thanks to a specially developed surfactant blend that is gentle enough for the whole family. These products are free from

  • parabens
  • silicone
  • petrolatum
  • mineral oil 
  • alcohol
  • animal raw products 
  • lanolin
  • colourants

The substances used stem from pure agriculture that are produced without the use of any pesticides or hormones. Ionising radiation was also forgone. All products are produced in small batches to attain maximum freshness. Animal raw products are not used making Ricaricando's product line cruelty-free and vegan. 

Products that contain a water are put under continuous microbiological checks. The water is demineralized and sterilized with UV rays before processing. 

All Ricaricando products are certified organic cosmetics (BIO ECO COSMESI di AIAB certification), whereby the ingredients used, production processes and finished products are inspected on a regular basis.