Premium Face Creams - The Test

Premium Face Creams - The Test

Skin hazards are on the rise - at least according to the media. Among these hazards are premature aging, oxidative stress, harmful UV radiation and free radicals. Nowadays, several factors seem to be harmful to your skin.

From the looks of things, a good old face cream is no longer able to provide adequate protection. In walks our knight in shining armour: super creams with high-quality ingredients that are best suited to protect our skin from external influences.

Ingredients to the Test

Are the ingredients contained in these super creams always as beneficial as the media portrays them to be? Ökotest has put a few premium creams to the test, and have found the following:

-a high price does not always mean high quality
-oftentimes an image is created and exclusivity conveyed by advertising companies to drive up the price
-not all creams are safe.

Ökotest examined 22 premium face creams - 12 conventional creams and 10 natural creams

Conventional creams contained many harmful ingredients such as PEGs or derivatives thereof, organohalogen compounds, questionable UV filters or allergic fragrances. Many producers also use synthetic fats and oils that do not sync well with the skin's natural balance.

Only 6 natural creams were rated "very good" and 2 were rated "good". None of the natural creams examined contained questionable ingredients which are why all 10 creams received the best rating concerning their ingredient content.

The best-rated of the 10 natural creams did not use any exaggerated advertising claims.

The remaining 4 natural creams that did not receive a high rating was due to promising effectiveness that could not be proven by the producers.

Conclusion: All the natural creams tested by Ökotest contained ingredients that are safe to use. On EccoVerde we list most of the creams that received an excellent rating. They can be found below:

CATTIER PARIS Secret Botanique Moisturising Day Cream

Logona Organic Avocado vitamin cream

Martina Gebhardt Rose Cream

Santa Verde Aloe vera cream