Say Hello to Uoga Uoga!

Sunday, 05. July 2015

Say Hello to Uoga Uoga!

This week we are very excited to welcome Uoga Uoga to Ecco Verde. This Natural Cosmetics brand is one of our new favorites, so here is a sneak peek at some of their top products :)

The name “Uoga Uoga” means “Berry Berry” in Lithuanian and reflects both the values of the brand and its ingredients. Two young mothers started this company to showcase both the natural wealth of Lithuanian resources and provide better, more natural makeup to their country and their neighbors.

First, we’ll take a look at Uoga Uoga’s beautiful “Feather” lip gloss. This lip gloss is special not only for its pretty color but because it is made with berry extracts and nourishing oils.  Almond, raspberry seed and jojoba oil (among other natural oils) are part of the most hydrating ingredients in these yummy glosses.


The color “Feather” has a claim to fame after it won the Best Lithuanian Product Award in 2013.

The Black Currant extract used in this gloss adds to the deepness of the color as well as its flavor and smooth texture.


Uoga Uoga’s mineral foundation powder has its own special properties. Made with the amber stones that are naturally found in Lithuania, the powder could both calm inflamed skin and neutralize blemishes.  Amber Acid has been proven to have both antibacterial and anti-aging properties. The antioxidants in the amber can also help fight free radicals, leading to less wrinkled skin.



Above is a picture of swatches from the following mineral foundation colors:

639: Chocolate

637: Amber Sand

635: Captured Ray of Sun

632: Champagne

Three cheers for the lovely ladies who brought this brand to life, it is great to see a quality makeup line with such nice natural content! To learn more and find the right shade for your skin, click here.

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