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Pleasant & fragrant body care products

The German brand NONIQUE is made up of certified organic natural cosmetics that are effective, thanks to its unique ingredients derived from the Caribbean noni plant!

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NONIQUE combines ingredients derived from the Caribbean noni plant with aloe vera and up to 14 high-quality actives sourced from controlled organic agriculture. Natural essential oils lend the product formulas their fragrant appeal. The German brand uses eco-friendly and responsible production methods whilst opting for raw materials sourced from controlled organic agriculture.

The NONIQUE product catalog virtually exclusively produced in Germany in order to guarantee a safe working environment. Some of the ingredients used, including the noni fruits, are cultivated at the NONIQUE farm in Panama.

NONIQUE uses quality and sustainable, fully recyclable packaging while the product tubes are made up of 50% recyclable materials.

The products are:

  • BDIH certified
  • vegan (all new products)

The products are free from:

  • petroleum-based ingredients
  • parafin & parabens
  • PEG & silicones
  • synthetic fragrances & dyes
  • palm oil & GMO
  • not tested on animals