Powdy & Snatch Dental Care

Powdy & Snatch Dental Care

Natural & plastic-free dental care products

Powdy & Snatch produces natural, child-friendly dental care products housed in plastic-free packaging.

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Powdy & Snatch uses completely natural, safe and certified organic ingredients that are gentle and packed with flavour.

The dental care brand for kids was established after realising that there were simply no safe and natural dental care alternatives on the market for children. The founders of Powdy & Snatch, therefore, took it upon themselves to develop a fruity-flavour tooth powder that free from preserving agents and packed with purely natural and safe ingredients. Ideal for use from your child's first tooth.

Powdy and Snatch uses parts of the proceeds to support projects that remove plastic waste from the oceans.

Powdy and Snatch products are made in Germany and are plastic-free.