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Teatox - The Power of Nature

TEATOX - The power of nature. All ingredients used in the TEATOX composition is 100% natural and of organic quality.

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  • Teatox Thermo-Go Bottle

    Perfect for "tea to go"

    • Scratch-proof silicate glass
    • Removable stainless steel sieve
    • With bamboo lid
    • For hot & cold drinks
    • 330 ml capacity


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  • Teatox Pure Beauty

    For your inner beauty

    • For a radiant appearance
    • Mild aromatic tea composition
    • Selected organic herbs
    • Vegan & gluten-free


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  • Teatox Tea Mug

    Shapely glass mug for your tea enjoyment

    • Scratch-proof silicate glass
    • With stainless steel sieve & glass lid
    • Dishwasher safe
    • 350 ml capacity


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  • Teatox Skinny Detox Day & Night

    Your start to a new youI!

    • A duo made up of a morning & an evening tea
    • For more vitality
    • Cleanses the body
    • Vegan, Paleo & Organic


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  • Teatox Power Detox

    Toxins out - Energy in!

    • Bring the body back on track
    • Revitalizing
    • Promotes pruification
    • Vegan & gluten-free


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  • Teatox Daily Greens Detox Superfood Powder

    The optimum supplement for your detox treatment or as a treat

    • Rich in vitamins & antioxidants
    • Also contains matcha, chlorella & açaí
    • Rounds off your daily nutritional intake
    • Vegan, gluten-free & lactose-free


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  • Teatox Energy Matcha

    The queen of the green teas!

    • Energy boost
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Contains caffeine
    • Vegan & gluten-free


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  • Teatox Daily Balance

    For your daily dose harmony!

    • Relaxes the body
    • Stimulates the mind
    • Gluten free & vegan


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  • Teatox Fresh Focus

    Perfect to relieve moments of mental stress

    • Green tea, eucalyptus, ginkgo & ginseng
    • Promotes concentration
    • Enjoy hot or cold
    • Vegan & gluten-free


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  • Teatox Natural Defense

    Your daily companion for the immune system

    • Enjoy hot or cold
    • With ginger & echinacea
    • Rich in vitamins & minerals
    • Vegan & gluten-free


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  • Teatox Harmony Chai

    Aromatic & warming

    • Black tea with spices
    • Perfect for a chai latte
    • Vegan & gluten-free


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"Through the consumption of TEATOX tea, the enjoyment should become more appealing, more effective and more emotional bound."

We trust the health benefits of natural ingredients and share the conviction that there is human well-being results from the combined harmony of body, mind and soul. In order to transfer this philosophical objective to modern-day life, we have made it our goal to develop products that meet this requirement. Tea in particular, has the ability to optimally offer support, thanks to the versatility and power of the tea components, to people in various walks of life. Herbs, leaves, flowers, spices and fruits are full of beneficial ingredients, which can have an amazing effect when properly combined. The versatility and power of these compositions can be found in any of our teas, tailored to special moments and requirements. Our main idea is to contribute to a healthier lifestyle through the natural power of our teas. However, we are aware that sustainable effects are difficult to achieve and uphold through one beverage only. For this reason, we are developing specific applications for everyday life to effective support a healthy and fulfilled life.

Your body and has a major impact on your well-being. To ensure the correct balance is not always easy. TEATOX develops special tea blends that facilitate in simplifying weight loss and unlike other diet programs, does not aim towards one-sided nutrition and unbalanced diets.

A clear and alert mind is a prerequisite for taking full advantage of your own spiritual potential. Tea category "Mind" places value on this potential and helps it to always be available when you need it.

Tension occurs for various reasons. Our fast and hectic lifestyle, lack of exercise, stress or poor diet affect our well-being. Often, however, a single moment of relaxation can help sustain well-being when the mental balance is lacking.


The environment is important to us at TEATOX. Therefore, acting in a sustainable is of great value to us.


For some time, the process of filling and packaging is done by the factory in Berlin Kreuzberg as well as sheltered workshop (BWB) in Berlin Neukölln. The tea is filled by hand in its elegant box or sustainable refills and sealed.


The boxes are made of high-quality aluminum and can be refilled often. The cans and refill bags are labeled, by hand, with recycled paper in Berlin. To avoid unnecessary transportation, it is important for us to have everything on site. All packaging material from  suppliers or other regions are reused as shipping carton. Only if no suitable carton can by found, a new carton composed of 100% recyclable cardboard is used. Our shipping cartons are not printed, only stamped. We disclaim using and polluting colour printing for promotional purposes. To protect the natural wood, wool  from the Thuringian Forest is used as filling material. It is natural, environmentally friendly and purely organic. Basically, unnecessary packaging material should be avoided or existing material should be recycled. Brochures, flyers or other promotional material added to the packages are produced using recyclable paper.

“Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.”

Albert Einstein