Placing an Order

Placing an Order

Placing an order at our online shop is easy. Use our search or navigation tools to locate your desired products. Once you have selected the required colour, size, flavour and/or quantity simply click on the "Add to Basket" button found on the product page. 

When you have selected all the desired products, go to the top right-hand menu bar and click on "My Basket". Here you are able to modify the quantities of items added or delete them completely from the list. If you are satisfied with your selection of products you may proceed to checkout. If you are a registered customer, simply enter your login details. New customers are now able to easily create a customer account. 

You will be directed to the Delivery Address page where a delivery address can be selected or a new delivery address added. After clicking on the "Continue" button you are then able to select your preferred method of payment. In the next step, you can choose between shipping companies and opt for a gift box and/or greeting card, if you wish. Once these steps have been completed, you are able to review and subsequently place your order. 

An order confirmation email will be sent to your email address displaying the order details. Your order will now be processed as soon as possible. 

You have the option of selecting up to 2 free samples from our sample page when placing an order at Ecco Verde. The option can be found on the checkout page as soon as one or more products have been placed in the shopping cart. Once the samples have been selected from the sample page they can be applied to the order.

Limited sample quantities available
We would like to offer all our customers the option of adding samples to their orders. By providing unlimited access to samples we run the risk of not being able to provide samples to all our customers. A wider sample selection is only possible should one or more brand provide us with a large number of samples.

Varying sample selection
The samples that we offer online are received by various brands that are listed in our shop. The brands do not provide us with the same samples nor the same sample quantity. Our sample selection thus varies on a regular basis.

Sample selection by the customer
The environment is important to us, therefore we allow customers the option to select the samples that they would like to test. In previous years, samples were automatically added to orders. Naturally, we could not be sure whether customers could actually make use of the samples dispatched along with their order. As a result, the samples were either disposed of or not used at all. Many times, customers informed us not to add any samples to their order. The system that is in place today, thus, does not add any samples to an order if these are not selected at checkout.

Product Availability & Stock Levels

We do our best to stock as many products as possible. Products that are in stock are dispatch on the day the order is placed or latest by the day after. 

The product page displays the product's delivery status. The products are displayed as being: 

  • In stock 
  • Ready for delivery in X days/weeks
  • Currently not in stock 
  • Shipped directly by the manufacturer

When viewing the "My Basket" page, the estimated delivery date will be displayed. 

Should delays in delivery occur, a notification email will be sent to your email address. 

Our Payment Options

Available payment methods in United States
Cash in Advance
Transfer the payment to our account after the order has been placed. The order will be dispatched once the transaction has been cleared.
Credit Card
Fast and secure payments via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB.
Credit Card
Fast and secure payment with your Maestro card.
Fast and secure payment via PayPal.

Additional Delivery Options

Gift Boxes

You have the option of selecting a gift box at checkout on the "Delivery Options" page. All products are then placed in the gift box when the order is being assembled. 

Selecting a gift box after completing the order is not possible. 

When selecting the "Gift Box" option, it is not possible to separate the order into products that are to be gifted and other products. This minimises the risk of transport damage. Gift boxes are not sealed, which means that items can easily be removed without disturbing the structure and appearance of the gift box. Alternatively, you have the option of placing two or more separate orders.  

Warning! We reserve the right to dispatch the selected products using our regular packaging if the items do not fit into a gift box. The gift box will then be cancelled from the order. 

Greeting Card

At checkout, you have the option of adding a personal greeting card to your order. Choose between various designs, write a personal message and preview the finished version before adding it to your basket. 

It is not possible to add a greeting card once the order is completed. 

Invoice Not Enclosed

This option is important if you are looking to send a gift box that does not contain the invoice. In such cases, the delivery address can vary from the billing address. The package is then shipped to the delivery address whereas the invoice is sent to the billing address. 

When billing and delivery addresses are identical, the gift box and invoice and packaged separately but are both shipped to the same address.

Isothermal Packaging, Fresh Produce Shipping & Shipping by the Manufacturer

Shipping by the Manufacturer

Some products such as bulky items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. This information will be reflected during the order process under "Delivery Options". Regretfully, no tracking information is available for this kind of delivery as it is dispatched directly from our logistics centre.

Our Customer Service Team is happy to assist with any enquiries that you may have regarding your order.

Further Comments Section

Our "Further Comments" section on the "Order Review" page at checkout is used to compile notes and requests for our warehouse. Unfortunately, we are unable to forward any delivery notes to the selected courier.

Our Customer Service Team does their best to forward these notes to the delivery companies. Regretfully, we cannot guarantee that the notes are received or taken into account by the courier.

Should you require any assistance or would like to modify your order, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Order Status

Once an order has been placed its status can be viewed in your account. Modifications can only be made to the order if it has not reached the packing process yet. 

Awaiting payment: The payment has not reached our account yet. Order modifications can still be made at this stage. A payment reminder is forwarded to your e-mail address on a weekly basis for the period of four weeks. If the payment has not reached our account by the end of this period, the order is deactivated automatically. Should the payment reach our account after this period, the order can be reactivated. 

Ready for dispatch: The order has reached our system but has not been processed yet. Modifications can still be made. 

Currently being packed: The order is currently being packed or may be on underway to the selected delivery service. Modifications are no longer possible. 

Dispatched: The order has been dispatched. 

Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.