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Monday, 20. January 2020 Acne: Avoiding Irritants

Acne is not only limited to adolescent skin. Adult acne is a very real concern amongst many of our peers and can be made worse through the cleansing products that are used. Here's our acne cleansing product edit outlining the substances that...

Thursday, 22. August 2019 After Sun Care Tips and Tricks

The more the sun shows its pretty face, the greater our desire is to go outdoors. The sun lifts the mood and is good for the soul. However, it also strains the skin, causing itchiness and tightness. Therefore, after sun care is so important in...

Friday, 17. May 2019 K-Beauty Edit: WHAMISA

Korean beauty, better known as K-beauty, has finally hit our shelves with one of its most popular brands called WHAMISA: the award-winning, fermented skincare brand made in Korea is getting us all jittery with excitement.