Aromatherapy Using Oil Burners Aromatherapy Using Oil Burners

Learn more about how you can use oil burners for aromatherapy in this article. How to do you use essential oils correctly? How do you choose the correct dosage of your oils? Which oils should you use for what effect?

Aromatherapy: Healing using Essential Oils Aromatherapy: Healing using Essential Oils

Fragrances affect people in many ways. They provide a good mood, have a stimulating effect and are relaxing. Scents trigger emotions and even pharmacological reactions, which can be scientifically researched. Doctors also use these when treating...

Fragrances Make Sense Fragrances Make Sense

Fragrances form and create reality. An example: How does one know that it's spring? Quite simply, when everything smells of fresh flowers. The scent of violets, rhododendrons and lilacs attract insects, who in turn, fill the air with their...