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Reusable Period Care Products Reusable Period Care Products

Non-disposable, hygienic period care products are gaining more and more popularity. More and more women are opting for alternatives to conventional tampons and sanitary towels. Read more here!

Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Run Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Run

At 17.5%, breast cancer is still the most common form of cancer found in women today and can lead to death. Around 350,000 people in the EU are diagnosed with the disease every year. However, those affected stand a good chance of recovery if the...

Carefree Fun Under The Sun Carefree Fun Under The Sun

A single layer of cream simply does not suffice! We've summarised a few essential tips on how to avoid sunburn and successfully achieve a healthy tan!

Hemp: The Versatile Plant Hemp: The Versatile Plant

For more than 5,000 years, hemp has been used for a wide variety of purposes and is one of the oldest agricultural and ornamental plants in history. Most recently, it has come into the limelight as an active ingredient and source of food. The...