Summer, Sun - Without Any Regrets

Summer, Sun - Without Any Regrets

As temperatures rise, the intensity of the sun is increasing. Organic sun care products offer optimal UVA/UVB protection for all skin types and all ages whilst protecting the environment.

What differentiates certified organic sun care products from conventional products?

Certified organic cosmetics use only purely mineral and plant-based filters, while conventional products use chemical filters or a mixture of chemical and mineral filters.

How do sun protection filters work?

Chemical and synthetic UV filters penetrate the skin where they convert UV rays into infrared radiation - i.e. heat. These creams need about half an hour to become effective. Organic cosmetics use mineral UV filters with natural mineral pigments (e.g. titanium dioxide). This reflects and disperses sunlight and works immediately after application.

  • Why opt for mineral UV filters instead?

Chemical sun protection filters have a high-risk factor: via the skin and the food chain. Scientific studies prove that chemical formulas are hazardous to the human body due to high allergy risks and hormone-like effects on the body (endocrine disruptors or xenohormones).

Another danger posed by chemical light protection filters (oxybenzone, octocrylene) is the destruction of coral reefs. Scientists have succeeded in demonstrating the negative impact of these components on marine life, especially coral reefs.
In combination with the current state of ocean acidification and climate change, chemical UV filters cause significant damage to coral reefs. This causes long-term damage ("coral bleaching") and subsequently destroys entire coral reefs.

Opt for mineral sunscreen for added safety.

Can organic sun care products be easily applied?

Organic sun care products are easy to distribute on the skin and have a transparent, sticky consistency that does not leave behind a white cast. The products provide instant sun protection and are waterproof.

Which products can I use without risk?

For more than 10 years, the Biosolis brand has been committed to offering a complete range of sunscreens that unite health protection and respect for the environment. Natural and certified organic formulas.

Biosolis develops formulas with natural active ingredients. The formulas are free from:

- allergens
- chemical filters
- parabens
- phenoxyethanol
- and phthalates

The products contain mineral filters that do not penetrate the skin and guarantee optimal protection when applied. The Biosolis research and development team works daily to offer the most effective, pure and eco-friendly formulas. The newly improved formulas have been developed using plant-based oil and botanical extracts that gently nourish and hydrate the skin while protecting it.

Deeply rooted in Biosolis' values is the manufacturing of products that protect the whole family against the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays, respect marine life, guaranteed healthy formulas, comply with European regulations, follow short transport routes and respect the environment. The brand also works with the Ecocert Greenlife certification body which validates the carefully selected ingredients and product formulas.

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From sun sprays to tanning lotions, face creams, after-sun lotions and sun care products for kids, Biosolis has the perfect product for the whole family.