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Skincare Tips

Hand Care Tips Monday, 12. September 2016 Hand Care Tips

Our hands don’t have it easy. They undergo the most strain on a daily basis. Caring for the skin of the hands is therefore imperative to ensure they remain well-groomed and soft and smooth.

How To Use Coconut Oil Monday, 27. June 2016 How To Use Coconut Oil

Last week we spoke about coconut oil in general - It's composition and benefits. Today, we're having a closer look at how to incorporate its amazing benefits into your beauty routine.

Hair Removal - Naturally Smooth Skin Monday, 18. April 2016 Hair Removal - Naturally Smooth Skin

Summer is fast approaching and slowly but surely we are getting ready for those feather light clothing, miniskirts and shorts. Getting rid of unwanted hair on the body need not be a tiresome and painful experience, when using all natural hair...

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