Natural Cosmetics for Combination Skin

Natural Cosmetics for Combination Skin

How to identify combination skin

Combination skin has both dry and oily areas. The oily areas tend to be concentrated in the T-zone around the nose, forehead and chin. The cheeks have a tendency of being drier.

Finding the proper cosmetics that target the different areas of combination skin can be a bit tricky. Combination skin requires balance and should not be "overnourished". Here, we have listed a few tips about what to look out for when selecting cosmetics for combination skin.


The most important feature when searching for a cleanser is to make sure that the formula is not "too aggressive". Aggressive cleansing agents remove the excess oils from the skin around the T-zone, however, the drier areas of the face could be irritated. A gentle cleanser that removes excess oils, make-up and dirt is your best bet. Gentle face cleansers lower the risk of possible skin irritations.

Cleansers, that supply the skin with moisture (e.g. formulated with hyaluronic acid). This would be a good choice if your skin suffers from extermely dry patches.

Facial toner

A good toner restores the skin's pH whilst supplying the skin with moisture for a smoother and more even-looking appearance.


A serum is good for very dry areas of the skin because it provides these regions with intensive moisture.


It is essential to opt for a light-weight moisturiser that rehydrates the skin moderately - i.e. a moisturiser that is not too heavy. All skin types require moisture - even oilier skin. It is, however, important not to over moisturise combination skin. The selected cream should also have the property of protecting the skin against environmental influences.

Facial oil

Since the main component of facial oil is oil, it is not suitable for oily areas of the skin. However, it is ideal for dry areas on the face. So only use a face oil on drier patches and gently massage it into the skin. It is good if you choose an oil with a light consistency.


Now that we have outlined the types of cosmetic products that combination skin requires, you might be wondering if these products are actually going to help you. The answer is: possibly. Our skin is unique in its structure. What may serve your individual combination skin types may not be of help to others. In such cases, trial and error is the best route to follow, using the tips listed above to find your perfect skincare products.