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Shaving Tips & Tricks Monday, 23. May 2016 Shaving Tips & Tricks

Shaving hair when the skin is wet is the most simple and straightforward hair removal method, which is the reason why it is so popular. Here are a few tips an tricks to ensure a smooth shave.

Product Labelling - Minimum Shelf Life Monday, 02. May 2016 Product Labelling - Minimum Shelf Life

Alongside information about the country of origin, the nominal capacity and possible precautions, there are also details regarding the shelf life of a product. This can be split into two varieties. Let's have a closer look at the two categories. 

Self-Tanning: How To & No-Go's Tuesday, 29. March 2016 Self-Tanning: How To & No-Go's

Achieving a natural tan all year round is possible with the help of self-tanning products. However, there are some important points to consider if you want to achieve best tanning results. In this week's beauty blog, we focus on important...

Impulse Buys? No Problem. Tuesday, 12. January 2016 Impulse Buys? No Problem.

Impulse buys can lead to purchasing cosmetics that are unsuitable, and as a result, unusable. Your moisturizer is too oily or foundtion a shade off? We have listed 10 nifty ideas on how to recycle your cosmetic items that are not being used.

How You Can Fight Colds Wednesday, 09. December 2015 How You Can Fight Colds

Wintertime is cold time, unfortunately. Headaches, a runny nose and a sore throat are not funny at all. To avoid catching a cold, it is best to strengthen the immune system. If you do catch a cold, here are a few tricks to relieve the symptoms.

About Insomnia & Restful Sleep Sunday, 29. November 2015 About Insomnia & Restful Sleep

Sleep is an absolute prerequisite for physical and mental wellness. Nevertheless, we often see sleep only as of secondary importance or as an annoying inevitability. Since every person spends a third of his life sleeping, one should not...

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