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Le Erbe di Janas believes that "nature has all the answers"

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Le Erbe di Janas is based in Sardinia and places importance on being mindful of how we interact with nature and its raw materials. All Le Erbe di Janas cosmetics are made by hand and contain only high-quality ingredients sourced either from the island or selected regions of the world.

"Janas" means "insight" or "awareness" - Awareness frees the spirit! Free to live a life in tune with nature.

In Sardinian tradition, janas are powerful women - beautiful and tiny - and are often referred to as fairies that are in tune with the rhythm of the earth and understand the art of healing and weaving.

Each individual product created by Le Erbe di Janas is made with the unique beauty of nature and its accompanying scent.

The products are:

  • handmade in Sardinia
  • 100% of plant origin
  • largely approved by the organic certification "Italian Organic Cosmetics"
  • based on plant extracts that are made by hand in their own laboratory
  • tested for 7 heavy metals: antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, mercury & nickel - ideal for allergy sufferers: shampoo, masks, shower gel & intimate gel
  • fragranced & effective thanks to pure essential oils from Sardinia - zero synthetic fragrances
  • with plants oils from cold-pressing
  • free from harmful ingredients, petrochemicals or refined oils
  • dermatologically tested - suitable for sensitive skin
  • without the addition of water
  • cruelty-free
  • vegan

Origin of raw materials:

  • Sardinia - herbal cosmetics (shower gel, intimate cleanser, shampoo, masks, elixirs, hydrosols with the exception of Rose &Tiaré, essential oils and raw materials that are required for the production of cosmetics, (almond oil pressed by Le Erbe di Janas, herbs, fruits, vegetables, essential oils, etc.). Several extracts are made by the brand themselves using raw materials such as herbs and fruits, and not obtained from a third party.
  • Italy - almond oil, wheatgerm oil, carrot seed oil, hazelnut oil
  • France - clay, grape seed oil, rose hydrosol, apricot kernel oil, current oil, apricot seed butter
  • Marocco - ghassoul, argan oil & kessa
  • India - Indian herbs, neem oil, hemp oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, cotton seed oil, mango butter
  • Pakistan - henna
  • Ghana - shea butter, black soap, cocoa butter
  • Argentina - jojoba oil
  • Chile - wild rose oil
  • Yemen - sidr & katam
  • Brasil - chaulmoogra oil, andiroba oil & murumuru butter
  • Egypt - black cumin oil
  • Vanuatu - coconut oil
  • Polynesia - tiaré hydrosol, monoi tiaré oil, tamanu oil

The raw materials are native to their country of origin thus Le Erbe di Janas respects and values each and every one.