Impulse Buys? No Problem.

Impulse buys can lead to purchasing cosmetics that are unsuitable, and as a result, unusable. Is your moisturizer too oily or foundation a shade off? We have listed 10 nifty ideas on how to recycle your cosmetic items that are not being used. Not only will these recycling tips save you money but it will benefit the environment too.

Our Tips: 


This is most probably the most common mistake that consumers make: purchasing the incorrect shade of foundation. This may be due to the bright, fluorescent in store lighting or simply not spending enough time swatching the all the shades on offer. If your foundation is a shade lighter than is suitable, apply it on the centre of the face. A darker shade can be used on the perimeter of the face. Blend the transition for a perfect contouring effect.

Lipsticks & Blush

Lipsticks are suitable to be used as blush and vice versa. Simply distribute the lipstick on your cheeks with your fingertips using gentle dabbing motions. Dust a thin layer of blush to your lips for a gorgeous look.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadows that are composed of natural minerals can be used for various applications by adding the right ingredients. When blended with clear nail polish, it forms a beautiful, delicate colour. Add a few dabs of moisturizer to the eye shadow for a creamy eye shadow texture or add to cocoa butter for and use as a lipstick.

Facial Cream

If you have a very nourishing facial cream that is not suitable for your skin type, do not dispose of it! These creams can be used on rough skin, especially during winter. Apply to the knees, elbows, heels or even chapped hands.

Eyeliner & Mascara

These two products are interchangeable. Dip a brush into the mascara to define the angle of your eyes or add more volume and depth to your lashes by adding some eyeliner to a brush.

Body Oil

You have body oil hidden away in your bathroom cabinet collecting dust? Mix it with salt or sugar and use it as a scrub. Remove dead skin cells once a week in a gentle way. 

Blush & Clay

Blush and clay can be used as a compact, opaque eye shadow. Especially if you have dark eyes, opaque or reddish colours have a warming effect. 

Cleansing Wipes

Dried out cleansing wipes are useful for dusting or using as handkerchiefs.

Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk is great for cleaning leather shoes and bags and serves to maintain these items at the same time. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo is not only great for cleansing the hair but can be useful for cleaning laundry items by hand. Subsequently, conditioner can be substituted as a fabric softener. These are great to use for wool and more gentle fabrics.