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Tuesday, 26. November 2013

Optimal winter care for your hair

The summer is over, winter is on the way. It is time for warm clothes and we have to turn up the heating in our homes. The dry heated air makes the skin and the hair suffer. Even the headdress is not helping. What your hair needs is soft and gentle care.

Use a mild shampoo that gives your hair natural a shine. The Farfalla sensitive wild rose shampoo is soothing and harmonizing. By a precious rose extract, it is specifically designed for sensitive scalp and suitable for frequent washing.

For easy combable hair you can use Bjobj olive oil hair balm. It makes the hair easy to comb. Olive oil and Macadamia oil revitalizes the hair and gives it a beautiful shine. Afterwards, the Farfalla mousse supports the hold of your hairstyle. The volume foam provides a firm hold and ensures a natural shine without synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Once a week, you should treat your hair with deep hair mask. The blue-green algae depth affecting hair mask by Aubrey Organics help to regenerate limp and damaged hair with the help of proteins. Shea butter and Aloe Vera act as a moisturizer for hair and scalp. The mask is to be combed into dry hair, soaked after 15-20 minutes and rinsed well. In damp hair simply rub in and rinse.

If your hair is brittle, the Rio de Coco hair care by CMD natural cosmetics is recommended. Coconut oil works against hair split ends, gives shine and softness to the hair. No flying hair and untamed curls anymore!

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