Practical Aromatherapy by AROMASTICK

Aromatherapeutic inhalation sticks with natural essential oils

AROMASTICK - natural inhalation sticks that spread a good mood wherever you are.


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AROMASTICK natural inhalation sticks contain 100% purely organic essential oils, are free from additives, carrier oils and synthetic fragrances. Feel-good scents that uplift the mood and are adapted to various situations for mental well-being. Equipped with patented suspended filter technology that has the following properties:

  • The centrally held filter inside the tube guarantees perfect airflow and maximum uptake of scent molecules with each sniff.
  • It prevents the oils from coming into contact with the tube, preventing the diffusion of oils into the plastic and ensuring their quality with each sniff.
  • Contamination free filling under vacuum.

Benefits of the inhalation sticks:

  • fast: fragrances are the quickest way to send signals to the brain
  • effective: backed by published research
  • convenient: easy to use and practical format
  • rich composition: long-lasting effect after opening

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is important that the fragrance blends reach the olfactory receptors without loss of quality or quantity. The format is also ideal to avoid dilution or contamination, as it is applied directly through the nose. The duration of use also plays a considerable role, because odours are most effective when one is exposed to them directly and in high concentration over a very short period of time.

AROMASTICK inhalation sticks are guaranteed:

  • 100% natural - free from synthetic additives
  • sealed for ultimate freshness
  • long-lasting use for up to 6 months
  • made in Switzerland