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Luxurious face and hair care products made in Vienna

BEEVIE natural cosmetics is skin and hair care for urban enthusiasts, ambitious free-souls and everyday life heroes. BEEVIE is authentic, thorough and fair-minded like you.

All products are certified organic. BEEVIE celebrates 100% natural ingredients and high-grade formulations. The products are manufactured in small batches in the heart of Vienna. Conscious urban identity developed with love.

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Located in the Viennese city centre, BEEVIE produces certified organic cosmetics with the highest standards, passion, love and care: sustainable, unique care products for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

BEEVIE places the utmost importance on sustainability, therefore, the formulas are packed in plastic-free containers and tubes. The company operates on green electricity and biogas. Only the best, most high-quality organic components and raw materials are used for a responsible approach to nature, the environment and people. Carefully selected ingredients that benefit the skin are incorporated into the product formulas.