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  • Delidea Beauty on Board Kit

    Perfect for pampering skin that is strained from travelling

    • 1x "Fly me to the moon" Legs & Feet Gel Cream, 20ml
    • 1x "Hydra shock" Face Cream, 15ml
    • 1x "Take it easy" Scented Oil, 10ml
    • 1x "Touch me" Hand Gel, 20ml

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  • CMD Naturkosmetik Rosé Exclusive Mini Set

    High-quality skincare infused with organic rose oil

    • 1x Nourishing Mask, 5 ml
    • 1x Moisturizing Cream, 5 ml
    • 1x Nourishing Cream, 5 ml
    • 1x Body & Massage Oil, 30 ml


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  • PHB Ethical Beauty Brighten & Volumise Body & Hair Mini Set

    For radiant skin and fuller hair!

    • 1x Brightening Body Wash, 50ml
    • 1x Brightening Body Lotion, 50ml
    • 1x Volumising Shampoo, 50ml
    • 1x Volumising Conditioner, 50ml


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  • Primavera "A Feast for the Senses" Gift Set

    Suitable for massages & pampering moments

    • 1x Energizing Ginger & Lime Body Oil, 30ml
    • 1x Refreshing Mint & Cypress Body Oil, 30ml
    • 1x Relaxing Lavender & Vanilla Body Oil, 30ml
    • 1x Harmonizing Rose & Osmanthus Body Oil, 30ml


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  • Primavera ''Relaxing Moments'' Gift Set

    Pure relaxation for skin & senses!

    • 1x Lavender Vanilla Body Wash, 100ml
    • 1x Relaxing Lavender & Vanilla Body Lotion, 100ml


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  • Rejuvenate & Clarify Body & Hair Mini Set

    Pampering care for all skin types & dry hair

    • 1x Rejuvenating Body Wash, 50ml
    • 1x Rejuvenating Body Lotion, 50ml
    • 1x Clarifying Shampoo, 50ml
    • 1x Clarifying Conditioner, 50ml


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