Essere - Organic cosmetics suitable for skin and hair care. A modern and attractive line of high performance cosmetics that respects both people and nature.


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Essere Skin & Hair Care Line:

  • is without petrolatum
  • contains plant extracts with real properties
  • is produced using renewable energy
  • contains food preservatives
  • is biodegradable, does not pollute the environment
  • is certified A I AB Eco Bio Cosmetics
  • It is certified Vegan Ok
  • does not contain SLS, silicones, PEG, BHT
  • is without parabens
  • is free from DEA, TEA, MEA, EDTA
  • It does not contain formaldehyde 
  • is not tested on animals
  • It is effective and organic

These products have been tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt
The energy source used to produce Essere cosmetics is derived from wind power plant in Pontedera, Tuscany and geothermal energy power plant in Larderello, Tuscany. Both power plants produce renewable and sustainable energy.