Ectoin® is an amino acid, that is produced primarily by microorganisms in nature and serves to protect against heat, UV rays and high concentrations of salt. It is also produced industrially, on the basis of bacterial working stocks in laboratories.
Ectoins are molecules, that bind big amounts of water and have the ability to stabilize the concentration of water within the cells, and as a result, reduces the implications of UV stress on the skin. Ectoin also reduces the degradation process of skin cells by means of other external influences, such as surfactant strain, heat or coldness. The skin's own protein production that protects it from damages caused by UV rays is stimulated. Due to the fact that Ectoin® is not an active UV filter, it may not be credited as a sun protection factor.
Ectoin® has hydrating, barrier regulating, stabilizing and soothing properties on the skin. All these properties ensure that it is suitable for the care of dry, sensitive and mature skin, as well as sun protection products

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