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Sustainable skincare accessories in eco-friendly packaging

The French brand JCH Respect provides sustainable accessories for personal hygiene and body care housed in eco-friendly packaging. The full product range is made of high-quality materials, are reusable and recyclable.

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JCH Respect uses only biodegradable packaging that are printed with eco-friendly dyes. Foil packaging has been replaced by biodegradable PLA (Polylactic acid) that is derived from cornstarch.

Biodegradability is influenced by various factors such as temperature, moisture and oxygenation. Composting PLA:

  • Industrial composting: 47 days
  • Household composting: 2 months
  • Composting in nature: 4 years
  • Office composting: never

The materials used have been carefully selected by JCH Respect to guarantee longevity and provide a good alternative to single-use products. Their suppliers undergo an auditing process to ensure that the social norms and criteria are fulfilled.