Perfumes & Fragrances by MAIR BOTANICS

MAIR BOTANICS offers unique, sensual fragrance experiences with compositions of the finest, highest quality and certified organic ingredients.

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Susanne Mair is the mastermind behind the Austrian brand MAIR BOTANICS that produces perfumes and fragrances from exquisite, precious natural oils to organically certified essences at the highest standards. The collected is based on pharmaceutical and botanical know-how that reflects their philosophy of sustainability, effectiveness and use of precious ingredients in all fragrances.

The products combine sustainability with aesthetically pleasing, purist-classic designs.

The assortment of MAIR BOTANICS includes:

  • Eaux de Parfum
  • Eaux de Toilette
  • Perfume roll-ons
  • Essences
  • Massage oils
  • Home fragrances

A total of 14 fragrances complete the range.