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Zuii ORGANIC's entire product range is characterised by particularly high-quality ingredients of the highest quality. The brand uses formulas that contain flower petals for truly beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Their assortment is not tested on animals and is free from parabens, petrochemicals and genetically modified ingredients. Zuii ORGANIC used ground organic flowers and petals instead of mineral ingredients. Rose, chamomile and jasmine are at the core of every formula created.

Zuii ORGANIC is truly organic. Their line of cosmetics contains unique active ingredients and is not tested on animals, while also being free of parabens and petrochemicals and forgoing the use of genetically modified ingredients. Instead of using mineral ingredients to create their powdered products, Zuii opts for ground organic petals and buds. Rose, chamomile and jasmine form the heart of their selected ingredient palette.

Zuii products are non-comedogenic. This means that the skin can breathe even after having applied make-up and the pores are not clogged. All these qualities are what make Zuii cosmetics unique.