Absolution Organic & Natural Skincare

Absolution - A new approach to beauty! High-quality organic cosmetics and an innovative mix & match principle: simple, intuitive, efficient. Take a few minutes out of your day to improve the condition of your skin.

The Brand

Absolution Skincare strives to bring a balance between environmental awareness and the pace of urban life. We are consumed with our self-image, or well-being, saving the planet and have become more devoted to organic products without wanting to compromise on enjoyment because we seek results and more effectiveness....
Fewer products, more simplicity and organically certified items that are adaptable to various skin types on a daily basis.... this is the case for both women and men. 

At Absolution Skincare it is believed that each individual is capable of change... and united we stand! Therefore Absolution Skincare donates 2% of their profits to the CARE organisation (http://carefrance.org). CARE supports the most vulnerable communities in combating poverty and developing a sense of independence. Doing good deeds while enjoying the outcome of those good deeds is an idea Absolution Skincare aims for. 

Isabelle Carron, the founder of Absolution Skincare, has always shown an interest in cosmetics, especially organic cosmetics. Having worked with numerous cosmetic and perfume brands, she soon felt that something was missing... a sense of simplicity, aesthetic or more freedom maybe?
In short, the time had come to take a different approach to beauty that matches everything you would like to expect from a cosmetics brand: efficiency, design, joy, soul and .... so much more!

Surrounded by friendly and talented people such as her business partner Arnaud Pigouides, the brand designer, a highly qualified laboratory and a network of friends, Absolution Skincare was born. 

Your Skin is Unique 

Your skin reflects your emotions, your environment, your inner being. Your skin's needs change as your needs change, and this occurs on a daily basis. If you pay close attention, you are able to provide your skin with exactly what it requires. This allows for proper maintenance and aids in balancing the skin again, helping it find its true and natural state of beauty.
And for this reason, Absolution Skincare came into existence: a range of organically certified cosmetic products and anti-aging items that are able to adapt to your skin as required. 

Composed of plant extracts from organically certified origin or wild plant collection, this range of skincare products contain minerals and vitamins that are essential for the youth and balance of the skin. The effectiveness of the formulation is combined with the simplicity of use.

A mix-and-match principle is used that is almost too good to be true: simple, intuitive, efficient. Take 5 seconds out of your day to improve your skin in the long run. 

Why Organic?

Because at Absolution Skincare we want to offer you nothing less than extraordinary cosmetic products - approximately 50% of the total ingredients are from controlled organic agriculture (and at least 98% of the plant ingredients come from controlled organic agriculture), whereby 10% would suffice to receiving a organic certification.

Absolution Skincare is convinced that it would be a shame to exclude certain high-quality ingredients such as wild flowers, mineral substances and natural vitamins as they are not able to be cultivated and thus not certifiable. Nevertheless or perhaps due to this reasoning, these ingredients were included in the formulation. 
Moreover, all Absolution Skincare products are produced in France and all suppliers are involved in the process if sustainable development. Therefore the packaging is composed of recycled and/ or recyclable materials and printed using plant ink. 

Due to safety reasons, Absolution has opted for airless packaging made of polypropylene instead of the more environmentally friendly glass version, it is to protect against oxidation and contamination. This has also been done for more practical reasons: glass packaging weighs more and is characterized as being costly, which in turn would have a greater impact on the environment.
In conclusion, Absolution Skincare continually works towards minimizing the company's environmental footprint

Absolution Skincare products are free from

  • PEG
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • synthetic colourants and fragrances