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Natural & certified formulas for naturally curly hair

Afrolocke has developed a rich and natural hair care line that relies on valuable ingredients and sustainable production. The nourishing natural formulas are made in Germany and focus on boosting strengthen and suppleness. Revive your curls with Afrolocke!

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The product formulas contain rich ingredients that pamper and condition naturally curly hair. Since 2017, Afrolocke has captivated its target market with natural formulas, sustainability and gentle production methods.

In addition to sustainable production, Afrolocke is also conquering the beauty market in terms of diversity to current beauty standards.

Afrolocke products are vegan, BDIH approved and without:

  • silicones
  • animal testing
  • parabens
  • alcohol
  • ingredients that alter hormone levels
  • petroleum products
  • synthetic fragrances