Essentiq - The Quality Of Nature

Essentiq - The Quality Of Nature

The fundamental principle that Essentiq lives by is establishing vitality packed with the goodness of nature and forgoing as many synthetics as possible. This objective is carried throughout the company. The company's name was created by combining the English word "essence" with the French word "authentique", which together means "unaltered extract".

This "unaltered extract" can be enjoyed with all Essentiq products. The range of cosmetics is composed of 98% natural ingredients from controlled organic agriculture that have been proven to nourish, protect and care for hair and skin. The remaining 1-2% are purely natural preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. These are added in the least possible quantities and play an important role in preventing contamination through bacteria, viruses or fungi.

All Essentiq products are free from synthetic colourants, artificial fragrances and unnatural preservatives, bleaching agents, ethanol, stabilizers, PEG, SLS, SLES, paraffin, silicones and other petrochemical ingredients or genetically modified organisms.

Essentiq emphasizes using only naturally produced animal products such as milk or honey in their products while ensuring that the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

The Essentiq Facial Serum is a truly special skincare product that was developed without the use of alcohol. Many serums that are available on the market today contain ethanol as an oil solvent. The downside is that alcohol dries the skin and a good component of caring properties are thus lost. This innovative serum contains a combination of plant glucosides and oleates instead. Light, white discolouration is left behind that is rapidly absorbed by the skin.

The brand has also included a sulphate-free line of shower gels which are beneficial for the skin. Sulphate-free cosmetics reduce the risk of irritations from occurring and the skin loses less moisture during cleansing. Damage to the skin's acid mantle caused by sulphates is also reduced, preventing the skin from absorbing harmful ingredients. What's more, hair retains its brilliant colour for longer.