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Less water used during production processes, less packaging waste and more cleanliness for humans and the planet. AllMatters takes sustainability one step further - even small contributions make a great impact.

AllMatters was founded in 2021 formerly known as OrganiCup. The brand has been passionate about period care from the start. The company has its own #NewPeriod movement that is based on 4 underlying principles:

  • Period products should not contain any harmful chemicals and should not absorb natural secretions which may lead to infections.
  • Monthly periods should not contribute to one of the largest factors that pollute our planet.
  • Periods should not be a burden.
  • Breaking down taboos and shame surrounding monthly periods.

Sustainability is at the forefront at AllMatters, supporting both women and the environment. As meaningful and important as the fight might be, the fight against disposable products is not won with menstrual cups alone. A sustainable lifestyle should reach beyond period care. Therefore, the company has taken further steps to expand its product range by including reusable body care products.

The products are:

  • AllergyCertified
  • Vegan Society approved
  • pH-neutral
  • mild on the skin and eco-friendly
  • designed to reduce packaging waste