K-Beauty Edit: WHAMISA

K-Beauty Edit: WHAMISA

K-Beauty Edit: WHAMISA

Korean beauty, better known as K-beauty, has finally hit our shelves with one of its most popular brands called WHAMISA: the award-winning, fermented cosmetic brand made in Korea is getting us all jittery with excitement.

What makes this Korean brand stand out from the rest? Waterless formulas meet fermented botanicals to create unique cosmetic products that are soaked up by the skin, increasing their absorption power and transporting the active ingredients deep into the skin’s layers. WHAMISA uses waterless formulas to obtain the greatest benefits from the natural substances used in their cosmetic products for increased effectiveness. As an alternative to purified or distilled water used in conventional cosmetics, WHAMISA opts for botanical extracts such as aloe and rice that are packed with nutrients, soften the skin and aids in absorption.

What sets the WHAMISA brand even further apart from their natural cosmetic counterparts is the inclusion of fermented ingredients. The process of fermentation splits compounds into simpler substances for better absorption by the skin. Thus, the skin is able to better absorb a maximum of vital substances with rapid effect while reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Fermented ingredients are also more skin-friendly on sensitive skin types.

Quality ingredients are sourced to achieve impressive results. They've developed a range of products from face and body care to sheet masks and hand creams, as well as a skincare range dedicated to men's skin needs. The WHAMISA product palette also includes a natural hair care line. No matter what your hair type is, you can benefit from their sulphate-free hair care products ranging from Organic Seeds Shampoo for Dry Scalp to nourish and Organic Seeds Shampoo for Oily Scalp to clarify the strands and scalp. A hair treatment, hair tonic and hair essence will have your tresses looking fab!

But WHAMISA did not stop there! They've developed a natural BB Cream, suitable for all skin types. The BB Cream effortlessly adapts to every skin tone. These, too, are enriched with fermented plant extracts that balance the appearance of the complexion.

Why we love the brand? WHAMISA says no to:

  • chemical emollients
  • artificial fragrances
  • artificial colours
  • petrochemical ingredients
  • acidity controllers
  • parabens
  • chemical preservatives

WHAMISA gets both thumbs up from us. What's more, most of their products come in mini sizes which allows you to test their range before committing to a full-size version. Browse their marvellous selection of cosmetics here.