Natural Insoles by BriskStep

Natural insoles made of quality cedar wood

The German company, BriskStep produces unique natural shoe insoles made of Lebanese cedar. Lebanese cedar essential oils remedy foot odour, nail fungus and other existing foot problems. These effects are noticeable after only a few days of use.

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The insoles are made of Lebanese cedar and are 100% natural. Lebanese cedar has been used as far back as the Ancient Times. Today, Lebanese cedar is very rare. The essential oil found in this wood has very special effects on the feet and support several possible foot concerns, such as:

  • odour
  • nail fungus
  • existing concerns relating to sports

The back of the insoles is lined with a thin cotton layer which ensures that the insole stays put when walking or running. Furthermore, the insoles are very flexible making them easily adapted to your individual feet for increased comfort. BriskStep can be worn in high heel, sandals, with nylon socks or without any socks.