Christmas - Time for Reflection?

Christmas - Time for Reflection?

Christmas should be a time of reflection, as much of the preparations are associated with a great deal of stress. Here are a few reminders of things to be grateful for. 

Christmas offers us the opportunity to relax and take a break, but in today's fast-paced world we find it more and more difficult to truly hit pause. Ask yourself, have you stopped to admire your Christmas tree today? 

Do you feel like you're running out of free time? Do you talk yourself out of taking time for yourself with the excuse that everyone is busy?

A Time of Peace

Christmas should be a time of rest, contemplation and reflection. Instead, more and more people are consumed with rushing about. As a result, by the time they actually get to Christmas day, they're exhausted. They overlook what this wonderful time of the year has to offer. Make a conscious decision to step out of the grind of everyday life, social media and permanent accessibility.

The Bigger Picture

Back up a minute and take a look at the bigger picture. In the big cities, people often feel daunted by feelings of anonymity, isolation and loneliness, especially in the fast pace of modern life. A sense of community, solidarity and helpfulness seems to be lacking.

We need each other though. Our brains are social institutions, designed to cooperate with others and to interact. We often only remember this when we're alone.

Modern technologies are another piece of the puzzle. They are a blessing but also a curse. We can reach our family and friends anytime. Through these instant connections, we also lose the capacity to interact with other people face to face.

What Really Counts

Why not turn off your phone and shut off your wifi this Christmas? Spend time with your loved ones, take time to eat, sing, laugh and talk. Try really talking to each other, not only talking about superficial things. A profound conversation is an experience that nowadays is unfortunately too rarely undertaken. 

However you spend your Christmas, we wish you a wonderful celebration and hope that you also can get some rest :)