Are You Making These Cleansing Mistakes?

Are You Making These Cleansing Mistakes?

Are you cleansing your face properly? Do you take the time to gently massage the skin to lift away all the impurities or other particles? Are you using the right skincare products? We have compile the 5 most common mistakes made when it comes to facial cleansing:

Hot Water

When the water that we're using to wash the face is too hot, it can damage the capillaries of the skin and strip it of all its natural oils. This in turn makes the skin susceptible to becoming dry and red. Reduce the water temperature to lukewarm at most. Tip: use a clean face cloth soaked in lukewarm water, squeeze out the excess and place on the skin to lift away make-up and other impurities before using a cleanser.


Each individual skin types requires special care. Oftentimes, cleanser contain aggressive substances that can be the cause for various skin concerns and problems. If your skin feels squeaky clean after cleansing, it may indicate that the natural, protective oils have been completely stripped from the skin as a result of the contained sulphates and alcohol. It is thus advised to swap out your cleanser for a milder version that does not give it a taut feel.

Too Many Products

Are you using more than one cleanser per session? Even though this form of cleansing is trending, it may not be suitable for everyone. Foamy cleansing agents and make-up removers contains sulphates, alcohol and synthetic fragrances that irritate the skin and cause tightness, even when they are followed by milder versions. Tip: use a small amount of the same cleanser twice. Alternatively, use coconut oil to remove any make-up residues and follow with a cleanser that is adapted to your skin type.

Don't Rush It

Do not rush the cleansing ritual. Yes, it is very tempting to use a cleansing cloth to quickly wipe away the make-up and dirt at the end of a long day, but your skin will thank you in the end if you stick to a proper cleansing routine. Take a few seconds to gently massage the skin which helps to ease tension and de-stress.

Aggressive Scrubs

Exfoliating the skin too often or using products with irregular scrubbing particles may cause irritation. Therefore, it is advised to use facial scrubs and 2-in-1 cleansing products with exfoliating properties 1 to 2 times a week at most. Tip: opt for an exfoliant with natural, bead-shaped particles.