Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline-based Natural Cosmetics

The skin is the largest in our body and should be treated as such. Based on our diet and lifestyle, we often deprive ourselves from treating the body, and therefore the skin as we should - this may lead to increased acidity.
To counteract this, Michael Droste-Laux has created an alkaline-based skincare, nutrition and detox product line.



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MICHAEL DROSTE-LAUX cosmetics contain:

  • an optimum alkaline pH value of 7.4
  • Rügener clay that stimulates cell activity and has neutralising properties.
  • evening primrose oil and a natural mineral and trace element complex.
  • gemstones: aquamarine, rose quartz and rock crystal.
  • suitable for all skin types, all ages and climates.
  • no chemical dyes, fragrance or ingredients derived from animals.
  • no silicone, petrochemicals or other harmful substances.