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Bienvenue! Or: Welcome to the colourful world of the small Alsatian company called FUN!ETHIC, which has set itself the goal of producing high-quality natural cosmetics at affordable prices!

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Made in France - Affordable Quality For All!

The idea behind FUN!ETHIC is to prove that a modern company can indeed produce regional, sustainable, high-quality products that comply with the strictest ethical standards: Best quality at a fair price and with a clear conscience! What more do you want?!

The concept of "responsible cosmetic" is important to FUN!ETHIC, which is why regional partners are given preference and animal testing is firmly rejected. The company founder Olaf Maurice and Martine Schmitt, also believe that transparency is an important factor for the basis of trust between the company and consumers.

3 Age Groups - 3 Product Lines

Instead of categorising cosmetics according to skin type, FUN!ETHIC has devised three different product lines for the different needs of female skin in three different stages of life: Each product line consists of cleansing water, a care oil, a day cream and a deodorant. For the skin over 30, a face mask has been included.

"Teenager" - a skincare line for young ladies from the age of 12: hydrating, balancing and clarifying formulas.

"Young women" - suitable for all young women up to the age of 20. An uncomplicated skincare line that combines the properties needed for a radiant complexion: delivers moisture, strengthens, revives and softens the skin.

"Age 30+" - a skincare line specially formulated for the needs of skin from the age of 30. Easy and effortless products that care for the skin. The products are highly moisturising, nourishing, rich in antioxidants and stimulate cell turnover - for healthy and beautiful-looking skin.


  • Certified Cosmébio & ECOCERT
  • not tested on animals
  • infused with 100% natural fragrances
  • environmentally friendly and produced in accordance with strict ethical standards
  • made in France