Organic Herbal Teas by Hari Tea

High-quality teas for the body, mind and soul

Hari Tea is composed of herbs, flowers and spices that are only coarsely grounded and portioned into the finest cotton bags. Thus, the essential oils and subtle flavours remain and only unfold their incomparable fragrance and taste when brewed. The ingredients used are certified organic.

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In order to meet the different everyday life situations and demands, we have developed Hari Tea in 11 varieties to cover the following 4 areas:

  • Physical - The body is our temple. Keeping it healthy and in balance are important contributions to a pleasant life.
  • Mentally - Our ability to capture something: We need a clear mind that can collect information and process it quickly.
  • Inspirational - What is possible? What dreams inspire us and give us creative force?
  • Spiritual - Our ability to unite: we do not exist separately from each other and are part of a larger whole. Each of us is a wave in the same ocean of life.


  • Inspiration: Ginger & Lemon
  • Unforgettable!: Sencha Green Tea & Ginkgo


  • Inner connection: Thyme & Rooibos
  • The epitome of calmness: Lime & Chamomile
  • Capturing all senses: Green Tea Jasmine & Ginger
  • Cheer!: Rose & Hibiscus


  • A new impetus: Hibiscus & mint
  • For the Harmony: Black Tea Chai Spices &
  • For the Love: Chocolate & Chili


  • Good gut feeling: Honeybush & Rosemary
  • Small suggestion: green tea, mint & chilli