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Pure moments of bliss for your skin. Exquisitely sensual cosmetics lovingly created with natural ingredients by I WANT YOU NAKED!

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Aline Werr founded I WANT YOU NAKED in 2014: cosmetics that is sensual, eye-catching and emotionally intriguing. Production includes exquisite ingredients such as salt, oils and medicinal plants that unfold their benefits on the skin and your well-being. Furthermore, all the lovingly created cosmetics are made by hand in their very own workshop.

The I WANT YOU NAKED product range combines three principles:

  1. Luxury: The brand focuses on incorporating high-quality active raw materials and the targeted use regarding the synergy of these ingredients. The brand aims to provide strength while ensuring relaxation.
  2. Zero compromise: This cosmetic line is indeed "naked" - free from any synthetic additives, not tested on animals, etc.
  3. Time: Time is of the essence when used correctly. Therefore, I WANT YOU NAKED takes time when it comes to each individual operational and production steps, whether it be the careful selection raw materials or handcrafting each product. Thus, all products are unique and made with loving care.