Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)

Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract

This plant is from the family of Hamamelidaceae. It is a bush-like deciduous tree originally from Canada and the USA that is now cultivated in Europe. Witch hazel soothes itching and is antibacterial, antioxidant and wound-healing. The natural effects of the plant lend themselves optimally to healing minor skin injuries, skin inflammation and varicose veins, as well as sun-damaged skin.The division of the horny cells in the barrier layer of the skin prevent moisture loss. UV-B-induced DNA damage of the skin cells can be reduced using witch hazel. Moreover, witch hazel astringent is also known to reduce inflammation.

Cosmetic properties:

  • astringent and anti-inflammatory, ideal for small injuries, after shaves & sunburn, can even be used for varicose veins
  • anti-itch, antibacterial and wound healing, it is recommended for eczema, dermatitis and acne
  • antioxidant, it prevents moisture loss from the skin

see: Heike Käser 2010 "Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials", Linz, Freya Verlag, 3rd Edition 2012

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