Oryzanol, Gamma Oryzanol

Oryzanol is extracted from rice bran oil (Oryza Sativa (Rice Germ) Oil). It has a strong natural UV-A and UV-B absorbing capacity and is therefore the ideal ingredient for sun protection products, but only as a so-called secondary protection, since it is not detectable in a specific protection factor. Its strength lies rather in the reduction of light-induced degradation processes of the skin. It is also used in products for the care of mature skin and acts as an antioxidant in combination with tocopherol. Oryzanol stimulates the sebaceous glands and is barrier-strengthening and is therefore ideal for products for dry and mature skin, especially in combination with its light-protective effect. For the same reason, it is also perfectly suitable for hair and lip care products. Because it inhibits the oxidative stress caused by oxygen radicals, it also reduces the proinflammatory effect of certain neurotransmitters.

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Products with Oryzanol