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  • Kart Organic Avocado Oil

    Effective rehydrating agent with anti-wrinkle effect.

    • Combats aging
    • Excellent as an anti-wrinkle treatment
    • Protects the skin from drying out


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  • Kart Organic Argan Oil

    Anti-oxidising, Nurturing, Tightening, Protecting and Invigorating Properties.

    • For soft and smooth skin
    • Powerfully moisturising
    • Anti-aging properties


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  • Kart Organic Sweet Almond Oil

    Soothes and calms while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

    • Fights against fine wrinkles and skin fatigue
    • Well-suited for both skin and hair use
    • Calming and anti-inflammatory effect


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  • Kart Organic Evening Primrose Oil

    Makes your skin soft and smooth. With anti-wrinkle effect.

    • Highly moisturising properties
    • Improves the condition of your skin
    • Softening and revitalising


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  • Kart Organic Jojoba Oil

    Moisurising, Toning, Restructuring and Healing Properties.

    • Hydrates your skin
    • Restructuring and soothing properties
    • Effective treatment for combating wrinkles


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